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Mangano Announces Plans To Create New Private-Sector Jobs

Assists Blumenfeld Development Group Project in Syosset

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency today announced the approval of an economic development compact that will allow the Blumenfeld Development Group(BDG) to construct new warehouse space and a maintenance facility next to the builder’s headquarters in Syosset and provide a $7.75 million boost to Nassau’s local economy.

The project, adjacent to BDG’s32,000-square-foot office building at 300 Robbins Lane, will create 10 construction jobs and seven new full-time jobs at Blumenfeld’s offices.The company presently employs 40 people with a total payroll of $4.89 million.

“It’s a great day when government can help create private sector jobs and assist in economic development projects that benefit the community,” said County Executive Mangano. “Nassau County is working tirelessly to create new good-paying jobs as well as retain those that currently exist.With assistance of the IDA, we are putting our residents back to work and revitalizing local communities. From creating new jobs to generating economic activity in our local economy, this agreement is a win-win for Nassau residents.”

“Investment in Nassau County is a directly based on the confidence a developer has in the ability of government to provide an environment for economic growth,’ said Edward Blumenfeld, president, CEO, and founderof BDG. “Since `day one’ of his administration, County Executive Ed Mangano has made improving our economy a strategic objective because he knows that only by improving our economic climate can he lower the burden on taxpayers, create jobs and improve our quality of life. This announcement will allow our firm to be a full ‘partner’ in the county’s executive’s efforts to create new investment throughout Nassau and meet our common objectives of a strong and vibrant county.

Raffaela Petrasek, BDG’s community and government relations representative, told the IDA board.that without the IDA assistance “the project would not be economically viable.”

About the Nassau County IDA

The Nassau County Industrial Development Agency consists of a team of professionals whose mission is to promote the economic welfare and prosperity of Nassau County. It is a resource for businesses in Nassau County and those considering relocation. The IDA provides assistance to business interested in relocating, expanding and financing new investments. It has provided assistance to a wide range of companies, from Arizona Iced Tea and Sleepy’s Mattress to Cold Spring Harbor Labs and Grumman Studios. For more information, please visitwww.nassauida.orgor call (516)571-1945.