Disclaimer Tuesday, November 13, 2018
The HHS Data Base, as populated by Nassau*NYConnects, is a comprehensive directory of information and services available to the older population and to adults and children with disabilities who need long term care.

To be included in the HHS Data Base, an entity must qualify under the criteria provided below. Nassau*NYConnects will review the inclusion/exclusion criteria a minimum of every two years to ensure they continue to meet the changing needs of the community. Resource information will be updated annually or as soon as possible once new information becomes available. The continued eligibility of agencies to be listed in the data base will be determined as resource information and other data is updated. All electronic retrieval of resource information shall include the disclaimer listed below, both on the face page of the data base, and on the bottom of the printed copy.

The inclusion or exclusion of an entity does not constitute an endorsement nor signify disapproval by Nassau*NYConnects. Nassau*NYConnects does not assume responsibility for the quality of services provided by any entity deemed eligible for inclusion. Nassau*NYConnects provides all relevant information about an organization and its services based on information provided by the organization. Every effort has been made to ensure the data contained in the data base has been accurately reported. This listing may not be complete; it is updated as information becomes available. The consumer is cautioned to verify any appropriate licensure, fees, or other pertinent agency information prior to engaging service delivery.

Inclusion Criteria
An entity may be included if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
1. The entity is a government, non-profit, or in some cases, for profit entity. As a general guideline, in the case of a for-profit business, an applicant may only be listed if it offers a service that promotes the independence of older adults and/or people with disabilities, or if the applicant offers a unique service not otherwise available from a governmental or non-profit entity, or accessible to the consumer, e.g. grocery stores that offer home delivery.

2. The entity does not charge fees or it does provide services to the community at large on a voluntary basis, e.g. churches, social clubs, or self-help support groups.

3. The entity is an advocacy group or community consumer coalition.

4. The entity, including for-profit or private agencies, is certified to accept Medicaid or Medicaid waiver programs, Medicare, Senior Home Health, PACE, Managed Long Term Care, or other third party reimbursement that will enable consumers to receive free or lower cost services.

5. The entity is a professional association that provides a social, health, or community service, e.g. Bar Association, National Association of Social Workers, etc.

6. The entity is an Information and Referral provider such as, help lines, crisis lines and hotlines.

Exclusion Criteria
An entity may be deemed ineligible for inclusion if one or more of the following criteria apply:
1. The entity knowingly or unknowingly discriminates or denies services based on age, gender, race, color, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by law.

2. The entity has a suspended or revoked license, certification, or registration.

3. The entity violates municipal, state, or federal laws or regulations.

4. The entity misrepresents, by omission or commission, pertinent facts regarding its services, organizational structure, or any other pertinent matter.

5. The entity does not have an established address, phone, and consistently available contact person.

6. The entity is a private practitioner such as a physician, group practice of providers, osteopath, podiatrist, dentist, legal/paralegal provider, etc., unless the practitioner(s) otherwise qualifies under inclusion criteria, i.e., necessary to promote consumer independence and ability to remain at home in the community and the long term care service is not otherwise available or accessible within reasonable proximity to or in the County.