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Information At Your Fingertips

(516) 571-1500

When you call the Department of Assessment's tax information line from a touch-tone telephone, you get instant access to the county's assessment data base 24 hours a day by calling 571-1500.

In order to better serve the taxpayers and property-owners of Nassau County, the Department of Assessment has installed a new voice-response system. This new system will enable fewer people to answer more telephone calls, improving service to the taxpayers and cutting costs at the same time.

As a property owner or taxpayer calling the Department of Assessment, you will encounter fewer busy signals and you will be able to get accurate information about your property's assessment, your property taxes and exemptions.

If you call us to receive a booklet about, or an application for, one of the exemptions offered by Nassau County, you may now record your name and address and have the booklets and forms mailed directly to you.

We know you're busy and this new system will help you get the information you need, whenever you need it.

You Can Get Information in six Categories

1. Office Location and Hours of Operation

Using this information, you can also record your name and address if you wish to receive a general information booklet in the mail.

2. Information About A Specific Property

Once you have selected the specific property menu, you should be prepared to enter your section, block and lot number. This information is available on your tax bill and on your deed.

The instruction in the voice response system will take you through the process of entering section, block and lot. If you are a first time caller, the system allows you to request additional instructions. You may also choose more instructions if you are inquiring about a condominium or if you own more than one lot. There is also a frequent dialer path.

Once you have entered your section, block and lot number, you can then use our voice response system to find your property assessment, the amount of real property taxes you pay, whether you have any property tax exemptions and how much they save you in taxes.

3. Exemption Filing Procedures and Filing Dates

You can also record your name and address if you wish to receive applications and/or booklets about property tax exemptions in Nassau County.

4. Information On Filing A Protest

By following the recorded instructions, you can also find out the latest residential assessment ratio, request forms or booklets or check the status of an assessment protest you have already filed.

5. Information About Small Claims Assessment Review

This system will enable taxpayers and real estate professionals to get more information faster than ever before. It improves service to callers and productivity within the Department of Assessment at the same time, saves taxpayer's dollars.

6. Information About the School Tax Relief Program "STAR"

You can receive information regarding the "STAR" program and request brochures and/or an applications.