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News Releases 2007

Media Contact: Randolph Yunker - (516) 571-5048

12/12/2007 -

Property Tax Exemption Filing Period Closes On January 2, 2008

11/30/2007 - Levinson To Appear On “Meet The Leaders”
10/31/2007 - Levinson: “Despite Malicious Election-Year Posturing, School Spending Is Increasing Taxes, Not Assessments!”
10/18/2007 - Levinson Warns Of New Identity Fraud Scam with STAR Rebate Checks
10/01/2007 - Levinson: “Put The Trump Name Where It Belongs – On a Check!”
09/11/2007 - Levinson Calls On State Lawmakers To Improve Provisions Of Real Property Tax Law
08/31/2007 - 2006 Annual Report (.pdf file)
08/07/2007 - Board of Assessors Chairman Harvey Levinson’s Response to the Republican Legislators’ Plan to Freeze the County’s Assessment Rolls for Five Years
07/27/2007 - Levinson Holds Property Tax Exemption Forum In Massapequa Park
07/25/2007 - Board of Assessors Chairman Harvey B. Levinson’s Opening Remarks Submitted To The Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness
07/16/2007 - Assessor Levinson Brings Department To Elmont
06/25/2007 - Assessor Levinson Addresses Hempstead IDA on Covanta Lease
06/18/2007 -

Assessor Levinson To Hold Property Tax Exemption Forum In Levittown

06/07/2007 - Levinson Urges Wantagh Residents to Contact State Officials
05/24/2007 - Overview of Assessment Schedules
05/15/2007 - Assessor Levinson's Letter to Newsday: SCAR Reform
04/30/2007 -

Board Of Assessors Honors Former Chairman Abe Seldin

04/02/2007 - 2007-08 Final Assessment Roll Adopted By Board of Assessors
03/19/2007 - Assessor Levinson Discusses His Proposals For Property Tax Relief
03/05/2007 - Assessor Levinson Calls For Reform Of "Enhanced Star" Formulas
02/23/2007 - Trump Ignores Levinson's Request For A Meeting To Negotiate "Pilot" Payments For Wantagh School And Fire Districts
02/20/2007 - Levinson's Assessment Policies Receive Praise And A $500,000 Grant From New York State
02/09/2007 - Assessor Levinson "Setting the Record Straight on Reassessment" (As edited and published in the February edition of the Nassau Lawyer)
01/31/2007 - Nassau County Property Tax Exemption Brochures are On-line
01/03/2007 - Assessor Levinson: “Taxpayers Should Not Have to Pay Thousands of Dollars in Taxes for Not-For-Profit’s Bookkeeping Oversights”