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Open for Business

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy. In Nassau County you will find a motivated work force and a quality of life that is second to none, making it among the most desirable business locations in the entire nation. For these reasons and many others, your choice to embark on a new business enterprise within our borders is a sound business decision.

As an entrepreneur, you go into business because you believe your skills and talents can thrive in our free enterprise system. By filing for a business or corporation, you are taking an important first step in establishing your business. The Office of the County Clerk can assist you in harnessing the information you need to reach your business goals.

To that end, this page is designed to explain the procedures in properly filing a business name or corporation in Nassau County and to guide you in locating the proper resources for your business development. Please note: We are prohibited from offering legal advice, so if you have other questions please consult your attorney. The Nassau County Bar Association has a referral service available at or you can call them at (516) 747-4832.

Business Structure:

When organizing a new business, one of the most important decisions to make is choosing which business structure is right for you. Many factors can influence that decision. For a better understanding, listed below are types of business structures:

  • Sole Proprietorship:
    A sole proprietorship is the simplest and least expensive business formation. It can be formed by finding a location from which the business will be conducted. It is operated entirely by a single owner. However, the single owner assumes all business responsibilities and liabilities.

  • Partnership:
    A partnership is an association of two or more individuals or business entities that agree to place their money, efforts, labor and/or skills in a lawful business and agree to divide the profits and bear the loss in certain proportions. There are several types of partnerships, including:
    • General;
    • Limited Partnerships; and
    • Limited Liability Partnership

    A partnership can be formed by an oral agreement or by drawing up a legal partnership agreement. If a legal partnership is chosen, an attorney is highly recommended. Legal fees for drawing up a partnership agreement are higher than those for a sole proprietorship, but may be lower than incorporating.

  • Corporation:
    A business may incorporate without an attorney, but legal advice is highly recommended. The corporate structure is usually the most complex and more costly to organize than the other formations. Types of Corporations include:
    • Limited Liability Corporation;
    • Non-Profit Corporation; and
    • "S" Corporation

Filing A Business in Nassau County:

Anyone who conducts a business under a name other than his or her own must file a business name with the County Clerk of the County in which the business is being conducted. To file a business name, you need to complete the necessary documents. These forms can be downloaded or obtained from most commercial/legal stationery stores and attorneys. Some of these forms include:

Once the appropriate forms are completed and notarized, you may bring or mail them with the appropriate fee to the Nassau County Clerk's Office, Division of Business Names, Room 107 at 240 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York 11501. For more information on business forms read below.

If you plan to conduct business in other counties, you must file your business name with the Clerk of each of those counties.

Corporations are formed through New York State, not the County Clerk.

Business Forms: For a complete list of business forms to download, click here.

Opening the Business:

Once your business certificate is filed, you may conduct business within the County. However, there may be other municipalities and authorities you may wish to contact to ensure that you are complying with all federal, state and local obligations. The County Clerk's Office is not a licensing agency. You may visit other sites, including the Department of Consumer Affairs and NYS Department of Education for more information.

Business Filings are Public Information:

Business certificates on file in Nassau County are available for public review at no charge. Incorporation papers, once filed with New York State, are forwarded to the County Clerk where they are indexed and available for public access. To search Corporation and Business Entities filed in New York State, click here.

However, if searching for a particular business entity in Nassau County, you can visit the Clerk's Office at 240 Old Country Road in Mineola Monday through Friday during office hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm. Please try to arrive no later than 4pm as we are unable to research or process any transactions after 4:30pm. . If you wish, you can request a formal search. The search can be performed by the office staff for a fee of $5.00 per name searched per two-year period.


Corporation filings are handled directly with New York State. You should contact the:

NYS Department of Division of Corporations
One Commerce Plaza

99 Washington Ave., Suite 600
Albany, New York 12231
(518) 473-2492

For Corporation filing information, forms and fees, click here.

You may also wish to consult an attorney.

Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number:

Sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations, (including "S" Corporations and non-profit corporations) must have a Federal Tax ID Number. The Federal Tax ID Number is known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN). The quickest and easiest way to get a form is on-line.

The Form SS-4 is in PDF format and may require Acrobat Reader. After filling out the form, you can apply by phone, fax or by mail. For additional information on Federal Tax ID numbers, click here.

The local office of the Internal Revenue Service is located at:

999 Stewart Avenue
Bethpage, New York 11714
Telephone: 1- 800-829-4933 (516) 576-7428

New York State Sales Tax:

For information concerning the collection and filing of Sales Tax, contact:

NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
Sales Tax Registration
W. Averill Harriman Campus
Albany, NY 12227
Telephone:(518) 485-2889

For forms you can call 518-457-5431 ; click here to download a NYS Sales Tax guide.

More Business Assistance:

In Nassau County, there are a variety of resources available. Among them are: