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Clerk’s Annual Report Released and Posted Online
First Year Highlights: End of Backlog, Increased Productivity and
 Streamlining Technology

(MINEOLA – May 19, 2007) In January 2006, Maureen O’Connell was sworn in as Nassau County’s 11th County Clerk since the County’s inception in 1899. When the former Assemblywoman was sworn into office, she faced a daunting task.  In her opening statement, O’Connell acknowledged that she knew what she was about to undertake, stating, “the operations of this office are vitally important to the residents of Nassau County. But let me further say that these operations pose a challenge and an opportunity that I look forward to and pledge to improve over the next four years.” 

Nearly a year after that statement, County Clerk O’Connell ended the backlog, and put in place procedures preventing future backlogs. After just one year in office, under the leadership of County Clerk O’Connell, nearly 336,000 documents containing approximately 4.1-million pages of land record transactions were imaged and ready for viewing on public terminals throughout the office. In addition, nearly 448,000 land record documents were mailed back to residents, title companies, banks and attorneys.  “While my staff was working very hard to clear up the backlog, they were also simultaneously processing current work,” she emphasized. 

These accomplishments, and an overview of the office, are documented in an Annual Report of the Nassau County Clerk’s office, which was released earlier this week.  The Clerk emphasized that she also was able to keep Clerk Office expenses minimal, actually coming in under budget by nearly a half a million dollars.  The County Clerk’s first annual report is available on her website at  “One thing you will not find in my annual report, but that which I value the most, is the professional level of service the staff of the County Clerk’s office provides the public on a daily basis,” she added.

“I have been energized by the first year’s progress and it has provided me with additional opportunities to service the residents throughout Nassau County as their County Clerk,” beamed O’Connell.  The Clerk can be seen walking through the offices addressing employee concerns or public inquiries at all hours of the day.  O’Connell, who is also an attorney and a registered nurse, states, “I know my active involvement in the management of this office has given my dedicated staff the support and tools they need to implement the changes in order to make our operations efficient and respected in the industry.”   

The Annual report highlights $286,986,098.80 in funds that passed through the Office of the County Clerk and more than 650,000 property, business and court documents were filed or recorded by the staff in 2006. “From safeguarding all records to recording veterans’ discharges and licenses, businesses names and passports, the Clerk’s Office’s responsibilities to Nassau County residents are varied but very significant,” concluded O’Connell.