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(MINEOLA – January 29, 2008)  “With the New Year comes new changes and regulations for acquiring passports,” today announced County Clerk Maureen O’Connell.  “The changes are targeted for implementation February 1, 2008,” she stated.

“The changes will apply to passport application forms, fees and new requirements regarding parental consent for minors traveling abroad,” began O’Connell.

“The traditional passport book, which is the current documentation used for travel outside the country will now have a companion. Passport Services has advised that travelers will now have the option to apply for a ‘Passport Card’.  However, these new Passport Cards may only be used for land and sea travel – not air travel - between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. The cards, which are less expensive and smaller, will be more convenient for travelers that don’t frequent these destinations by air,” O’Connell added.  The new Passport Card has been added as an option to the revised Passport Application, which will allow a traveler to apply for either the Passport Book, Passport Card or both.  

“Fees have changed also,” continued O’Connell. The new fees, effective February 1, 2008 are as follows:

Fee Type

New Passport Fee

New Execution Fee

New Fee Total

Passport Book Age 16 and Over, DS-11
Passport Book Age 15 and Under, DS-11
$  85.00
Passport Book By Mail
$ 75.00
Passport Card Age 16 and Over, DS-11
$ 45.00
Passport Card Age 15 and Under, DS-11
$ 35.00
* The $25 Execution Fee is not charged when adults 16 and over with fully valid passport books apply for the passport card using a DS-82 form

“But the changes don’t stop there,” stated O’Connell.  “Security for children has been intensified also. As provided by the Code of Federal Regulations, beginning February 1, 2008 children under the age of 16 now require both parents’ consent.”  For more details on the new Federal Regulations, visit the County Clerk’s website at or Passport Services website at Please note that the new changes will be available on Passport Services website on or about February 1, 2008.

Anyone traveling abroad, including newborn infants is required to obtain passports in their own names.  “With the new regulations, if you are applying for a passport on behalf of a minor under the age of 16, both parents and the child have to be present,” O’Connell emphasized.  “Parents are required to submit documentation of parental relationship and consent, as well as comply with all other documentation requirements for the issuance of the passport,” she added.

“Application forms can be picked up from the County Clerk’s Office and will be available for download from the County Clerk’s website at,” concluded O’Connell.