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February 25, 2009

Dear Editor:

Concerned residents have advised me that presentations regarding assessment challenges have been made by officials of the Nassau County Legislature in which confusing and inaccurate statements were made about real estate filings in the Office of the Nassau County Clerk.  It has been wrongly stated that the Clerk’s Office has a filing backlog that would delay the availability of accurate land records information. The implication is that homeowners might be deprived of recent comparable home sales data when challenging their assessments due to delays in recording by this office. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I would like to advise all residents and homeowners that the Nassau County Clerk’s Office provides real time recording of land record documents that may be accessed in our office.  More importantly, please be aware that the County Clerk’s Office plays no role in the assessment of homes in Nassau County.  Residents who have inquiries regarding assessment challenges are urged to contact the Office of the County Assessor at 571-1500.

As always, my dedicated staff and I are pleased to provide the residents of Nassau County with the expedient level of service they deserve.

Very truly yours,


Nassau County Clerk