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Dear Editor,

            As the Nassau County Clerk, I am writing to caution local homeowners about mass mailings being sent urging them to purchase a “certified copy” of the deed to their home. 

            Homeowners should be aware that these mailings are solicitations from private companies offering to obtain a deed on the homeowner’s behalf.  For their service, these private companies are charging more than 1000% over Clerk’s office fees.  Also, residents should know that only the County Clerk’s office can issue certified copies of deeds. 

            Please know that it is never necessary to utilize one of these companies to obtain a copy of your deed.  Certified copies of deeds can always be obtained from the Clerk’s office for a nominal charge.  Anyone wishing to request a certified copy of the deed to their home can contact my office at 516-571-2664 for further information.



                                                                                    MAUREEN O’CONNELL, RN, JD

                                                                                    Nassau County Clerk