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New Employees

Q: I am a new employee. When will my health insurance coverage begin?

A: The date your health insurance coverage starts depends on your collective bargaining agreement or the County Ordinance (“the Ordinance”) that governs employment for non-union employees. Your department’s Human Resources Representative can tell you the exact coverage commencement date applicable to you.
Currently, the coverage start dates are:
CSEA, IPBA: the first day of the sixth month following your employment
ShOA: the first day of the second month following your employment
PBA, SOA, DAI, Ordinance: the first day of the month following your employment
College faculty: the first of the third month following your hire date

Q: Will I have to contribute toward my health benefits?

A: Employees: Currently, County Ordinance employees hired after January 1, 2002 contribute 5% of the cost of individual coverage and 10% of family coverage. Nassau Community College ordinance employees hired on or after June 1, 2002 contribute 10% of the cost of coverage (both individual and family coverage), No other employees are mandated to contribute toward the cost of health benefits, but employees who choose coverage thru a plan other than the New York State Health Insurance Program (“NYSHIP”) have to contribute the difference in cost between their plan and the NYSHIP plan.
Retirees: Under current rules, retirees contribute to the cost of health benefits at the same rate they contributed as employees.

Q: What are my health insurance choices?

A: Most County employees choose to enroll in the health benefits plan offered by NYSHIP. The County also offers coverage from various HMOs. Information on your enrollment choices is available from your department’s Human Resources Representative.

Q: What other types of insurance does the County offer?

A: Currently, the County offers employees dental and optical insurance coverage.