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  December 17, 2004

School Taxes and State Aid in Nassau

This letter was sent by Comptroller Howard S. Weitzman to the NY State Senators and Assemblypersons

By Howard S. Weitzman
Nassau County Comptroller

Nassau County residents pay more for school taxes and receive less state aid than do residents of Suffolk, New York City, Westchester and New York State as a whole. That is the conclusion of a new study of school taxes and state aid by Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman.

It’s not because our county schools spend more per pupil on education than those of neighboring counties. Nor is it because Nassau residents have higher incomes. The problem, the Comptroller says, is a complicated state aid formula that considers not only the percentage of low-income schoolchildren, but also property wealth. Comptroller Weitzman calls for a new formula that would lessen the state's reliance on property values, which are, he says, "a poor indicator of ability to pay."

Click below to read Comptroller Weitzman’s letter calling for fairer state aid formulas for Nassau schools.

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