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Press Releases/Mangano Reduces Workforce & Redeploys Police

Mangano Reduces Workforce by 184 Employees; Redeploys Police from Desks to Patrol

First-Round of Actions Saves Taxpayers $32 Million

Mangano Announces LayoffsIn an effort to further reduce the costs of running Nassau County government and protect homeowners from a property tax increase, County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced plans that achieve $32 million in annual reoccurring employee-related budget savings. The plan includes $10.6 million in savings from 130 employee layoffs; $9 million from redeploying police from desks to patrol; $7 million from the elimination of additional positions; and $5.3 million in savings from 54 employees participating in the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program. After personnel reductions in July 2011, the County will have 1,200 fewer positions than 2009 budgeted-levels – the last year of the previous administration. Nassau County is now operating with the lowest level workforce since the 1950s. Today’s announcement is just the first-round of employee cost-cutting actions the County Executive will take in 2011.

“My administration has worked tirelessly to rein in government spending and protect residents from a property tax increase.” said County Executive Mangano. “I advised County unions that labor savings were necessary for 2011 and that if they were not achieved voluntarily, I would have no choice but to achieve these savings with layoffs and other actions. Because additional concessions have not been volunteered in 2011, it is necessary to issue formal layoffs and redeployment of police. Simply put, if everyone gave a little, no one would give a lot.”


For the past 10 months, County Executive Mangano warned Nassau’s unions that there would be voluntary concessions, ordered concessions or employees would be laid off. Upon passage of the Legislature, the 130 layoffs announced today will take effect July 1st. This first-round of layoffs saves taxpayers $10.6 million, including:

  • $3.6 million in the Department of Assessment by laying off 43 employees;
  • $1.5 million in the Assessment Review Commission by laying off 16 employees;
  • $1.2 million in the County Attorney’s Office by laying off 13 employees;
  • $1.5 million in the Informational Technology Department by laying off 12 employees;
  • $1.7 million in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums by laying off 25 employees; and
  • $1 million in the Department of Social Services by laying-off 21 employees in the juvenile detention center.

In an effort to reduce the workforce prior to issuing employee layoff notices, County Executive Mangano implemented a Voluntary Separation Incentive Program for employees. Since its inception in April, 54 employees have participated in the separation program. The County will save $5.3 million by not filling the vacancies created by these retirements and will extend the program for a two-week period.

Police Redeployment Plan

County Executive Mangano today implemented a Police Redeployment Plan to save taxpayers over $9 million. This Police Redeployment Plan restructures the Nassau County Police Department by redeploying 166 employees, including 109 officers, 19 supervisors and 38 civilian employees. Components of the Police Redeployment Plan include:

Redesign of Police Precinct Public Outreach

  • The Departmental will maintain one Problem Orientated Policing (POP) officer per precinct. Commanding Officers will be directed to attend community meetings and will assign Supervisors as liaisons to villages and community groups. Additionally, the Department will use Directed Patrols to address problems that have been previously addressed by POP officers.

Redeployment of Trained Civilian Personnel

  • The police communications operators currently handling clerical duties will be assigned to the Operation floor to reduce overtime while 15 newly hired clerks will perform clerical work.
  • The equivalent of eight full-time Police Service Aids in the Communication Bureau Case Intake Unit will be reassigned to Patrol.


Increase AMT’s to Enhance Public Safety, Reduce Overtime and Increase Revenue

  • Hire 14 Ambulance Medical Technician’s (AMT's) to work in the Emergency Ambulance Bureau.

Creating Administrative Flexibility through the Redeployment of Police Officers

  • Through the redeployment of police officers in highway patrol, motor carrier, SET and K9, the plan places cops on the street when officers fail to show up to work. Should all officers be present, administrators will have the flexibility to redeploy personnel to these units.

Returning Police Officers from Back Office Operations to the Streets

  • Redeployment of police officers from the Records Bureau, Applicant Investigations Unit, Police Academy, Community Affairs and Public Information Office to patrol in various precincts.

Supervisory Savings Achieved through the Creation of Tactical Field Services Unit

  • Reduction of supervisors in the Applicant Investigations Unit, Special Units, Police Academy, and Medical Administrative Office.

Since taking office, County Executive Mangano has taken a thoughtful approach at restructuring the police department, wherein he eliminated 125 desk jobs, put more police officers on the streets, reduced crime by more than 10 percent and saved taxpayers $20 million annually. Today’s redeployment will bring further savings while maintaining public safety.