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Mangano Orders Budget Cuts

Government Reduction Plan Includes Millions in New Spending Cuts for 2011

Building on his balanced 2011 No Property Tax Increase Budget, County Executive Edward P. Mangano today ordered $23 million in additional budget cuts for 2011. The $23 million in new cuts is on top of the $148 million in spending reductions previously enacted by the County Executive and County Legislature to bring the 2011 budget into balance. In addition to cutting wasteful spending, the 2011 budget reduced the county workforce to the lowest level since the 1950's.

“The 2011 budget was balanced before these new spending cuts,” said Mangano. “These new budget cuts are designed to strengthen the county’s fiscal situation even further."

Since taking office, County Executive Mangano and the Legislative Majority, have removed a burden of nearly $500 million in County taxes over the next four years, including the elimination of $325.1 million in higher property taxes and $160 million in home energy taxes.

Today's Government Reduction Plan is simply the next step in a long line of government reforms needed to fix Nassau's finances while protecting taxpayers. Continuing his work to right-size government, Mangano’s $23 million in budget cuts includes:


  • $15 million in savings from implementing a non-essential employee hiring freeze;

  • $5 million in savings from reducing government supplies and contractual expenses;

  • $2 million in savings from departmental mergers that result in shared staff and fewer management positions; and

  • $1 million in savings from the reduction of 5,000 non-utilized phone lines.

Departmental mergers recommended by the County Executive include the consolidation of Planning Department into the Department of Public Works, as well as the creation of a Department of Human Services that consolidates the offices of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities Services, Senior Citizens Affairs, Physically Challenged, and Youth Board.

“I applaud County Executive Mangano’s continued efforts to find spending cuts and suggest smart consolidation. We are committed to keeping Nassau’s books balanced, no matter what it takes,” said Presiding Officer Peter J. Schmitt.

Comptroller George Maragos reaffirmed, “the financial condition of the County is stable. The 2010 budget will end with a small surplus. The adopted 2011 budget is balanced with the same major challenges faced by every other County. I am confident that the Mangano Administration will make the tough decisions throughout 2011 to keep the budget in balance and to protect the residents of the County.”

“At a time when Nassau families and seniors are struggling to make ends meet, this government reduction plan will help save them an additional $23 million by implementing common-sense measures to reduce the size of government,” said Mangano. “Government got fat over the past decade, and that’s why I’m putting it on a diet.”