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Taxpayer Reform Groups Overwhelmingly Support Mangano’s Community Policing Plan (COP) For Nassau County

Taxpayers See through the Rhetoric and Scare Tactics Utilized by Police Unions

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Police Commissioner Thomas Dale received support from local taxpayer reform groups that are looking for real reform and change in Nassau that protects its already overburdened residents from another tax hike. Last week, Mangano and Dale submitted to the County Legislature a COmmunity Policing Plan (COP) that reassigns 48 police officers from desk jobs to Problem Oriented Police (POP)/Special Patrol positions and transforms four current precincts into new Community Policing Centers to be located throughout the County. The plan eliminates over 100 desk jobs and slashes costly built-in overtime benefits while modernizing Nassau’s 1972 eight precinct-building plan to account for the last 40 years of technology enhancements that have reduced administrative workload throughout the department. The COP plan corrects imbalances in current workload, as three police precincts presently perform twice the workload of the remaining five precincts.

“Keeping residents safe is my number one priority,” said County Executive Mangano. “This plan keeps all 177 patrols cars in their current neighborhoods, assigns more cops to POP and opens four new Community Policing Centers throughout the County while increasing efficiencies. I had a choice. I could raise property taxes 19% or I could cut spending, including a long overdue reorganization of the police department. I chose to cut spending because I will not raise property taxes in this economy.”

Anita MacDougall, chairperson of Long Island Tax Reform, Laurann Pandelakis, president of the Manhasset Republican Club, and Frank Russo,member of the Nassau Conservative Party Executive Committee, are in agreement that“Long Island seniors and young adults are leaving in droves due to the high costs of government. County Executive Mangano’s plan helps reduce the cost of government by millions of dollars and places officers in community policing positions rather than at office desks, thereby improving cost effectiveness. The County Executive is doing his job in being pro-active, searching for ways to hold the line on taxes without compromising services and implementing improvements in available technologies. This is a win-win for the taxpayer.”

County Executive Mangano continued: “I understand why the PBA opposes my plan that reduces costly police overtime and eliminates unnecessary administrative positions, saving residents millions in higher taxes. I don’t understand why a few Democratic Legislators are opposing saving residents up to $20 million. One has to question whether the PBA’s $600,000 in political contributions has something to do with their fear mongering approach to the issue.”

Pat Friedman, Founder and Chairperson of the Nassau County Non-Partisan Tax Revolt Coalition, stated, “It is about time that someone took a hard look at how things were done and streamlined the process in order to protect our residents who are already paying the highest property taxes in the nation. If County Executive Mangano can achieve a plan that puts more law enforcement officers on our streets and puts more dollars back in our wallets, you would have to question why anyone would oppose such an accomplishment.”

Residents should not be fooled by the PBA’s scare tactics. Whenyou dial 911, the call goes to a 911 Call Center in New Cassel, then to the police car in your neighborhood. That will not change under this plan as all 177 patrol cars remain in their current neighborhoods. The three dozen police officers earning six-figure salaries that staff administrative desk jobs in the back office of the police precinct, will now be moved. Currently, these officers are restricted by contractual rules from leaving their position to assist the public. They must man these positions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and do not have police cars at their disposal. This plan consolidates these administrative desk positions within four precincts while keeping all eight current buildings open – four as precincts and four as Community Policing Centers.

Andrew Nordquist, Chairman of the Long Island Taxpayer Alliance, stated, “The special interests have proven to be too powerful in controlling Nassau’s purse strings. I commend County Executive Mangano for protecting residents by finding a way to effect real change while maintaining public safety and protecting our wallets. Shame on Democrat Legislators Joseph Scannell and Delia DeRiggi-Whitton for blatantly disregarding the taxpayer in exchange for the special interests who lined their pockets with campaign dollars.”

Bob Pendleton of the Nassau County Tea Party Patriots added, “The high costs of government are crushing homeowners throughout our County and region. County Executive Mangano’s plan increases common-sense efficiencies, adds police officers to work with neighbors and protects residents’ wallets by reducing the cost of government by $20 million a year. The time is now for the County Legislature to join the County Executive in reducing the size of government.”

Facts about Nassau’s New COP Plan:

  • Redistributes administrative workload more evenly among four new police precincts.
  • Transforms four current precincts into four new Community Policing Centers.
  • Assigns 48 more police officers to Problem Oriented Police (POP) positions and special patrols.
  • Maintains all 177 patrol cars in their current neighborhoods.
  • Saves taxpayers up to $20 million annually by eliminating 100 desk jobs.
  • Provides residents with the ability to access traffic accident reports at precincts and Community Policing Centers.