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Drug & Alcohol Addiction
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Stop DWI

Nassau County Correctional Center
100 Carmen Avenue
Bldg E, Room 1
East Meadow, NY 11554
Phone: (516) 572-3610
Fax: (516) 572-3432

Acting Director: Susan Weigele, ACSW
Medical Director: Paula Young, M.D.


What is the STOP DWI Program?
The Stop DWI Program is a voluntary alcohol and drug treatment program for inmates at the Nassau County Correctional Center that is run in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department. The program strives to help inmates break the cycle of addiction and relapse and to assist their families in coping with their problems.

What services will I receive?
The STOP DWI Program is a 60-day rehabilitation program and provides individual and group counseling, vocational rehabilitation, chemical dependency education series, HIV/AIDS testing and education, self-help meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Gambler’s Anonymous. Treatment and self-help meetings are available daily and inmates participate in discharge planning to ensure follow-up treatment and rehabilitation. A chemical dependency education module was developed for family members of inmates in the program.

How can I participate in this program?
Admission to the STOP DWI Program is open to male inmates with a medium or less security classification at the Nassau County Correctional Center who have an alcohol or drug problem. Participation is voluntary and requires a willingness to participate in 3 in-house meetings per day and working with the primary counselor to jointly develop a treatment plan. A letter requesting participation in the program must be sent to the Director of the STOP DWI Program. An attorney or family member can also contact program staff at 572-3610. All participants must obey all correctional center rules and remain alcohol and drug free.

Is there a fee for this program?
No, there is no fee for participating in this program.