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HIV Services

Health, Health Education & Training

Location:                        60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
                                          Suite #240
                                          Uniondale, NY  11553
                                          Phone: 516-227-7025
                                          Fax: 516-227-7369

Hours of Operation:    8:00 am – 4:45 pm

Unit Director:                 Christine Hunter, R.N., C.S.W.


What HIV services are provided by the Health, Health Education & Training Unit?
The Health Unit provides HIV counseling, testing, referral and partner notification services.  These services are currently provided at the Nassau County Correctional Center, Nassau County Department of Probation, Family and Children’s Services Association (FCA),  Mercy Medical Center Women’s Residential and Day Treatment Programs, and  Nassau County Department of Social Services.  The Nassau County Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction will also arrange for testing by appointment utilizing the HIV Mobile Testing Van.

What Testing methods are available and how much will it cost?
The testing methods available include standard venous blood testing which involves sending a blood sample to a NY State laboratory for testing.  It has a turnaround time of approximately one week.  The ORASURE or oral fluid test requires only a minute swabbing of the gum tissue in your mouth and has a turnaround time of about 3 days to 1 week.   Rapid testing which includes OraQuick and Orasure Advance and UNI-Gold are the newest testing methods.  Oraquick and UNI-Gold require a finger stick for one drop of blood.  The results are obtained in either 10 or 20 minutes depending on which test you use.  These tests are 99.9% specific. Orasure Advance is the new oral fluid test that provides results in 15 to 20 minutes and requires no blood for the test.  HIV testing is free.

Will anyone else find out that I am taking an HIV Test?
In accordance with State and Federal HIV testing laws, HIV testing is confidential. This agency will strictly protect the confidentiality of all medical information including HIV-related information.  Persons who test will be asked to sign a consent giving permission to the tester to perform the HIV test.  Only you can give permission for this test and only you can sign a release to share the information with another person or agency.

Where and when can I get an HIV test?
If you are not in treatment at one of the agencies listed above and would like an HIV test, you can obtain a test by calling (516) 227-2027.  Testing will be arranged at a location in central Nassau County.