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Nassau County Department of Public Works
Current Fee Schedule

(As of July 1, 2014 - Ordinance No 74-2014)
**(Failure To Obtain The Necessary Permits Will Result In A Penalty Of 3x The Application Fee)**
All Application Fees Are Non-Refundable

Permit for Fee for Permit

Road Opening/including curb cuts - (Ord#187-2010)
Road Opening Inspection Fee

    Road Opening Permit Application Form (pdf file)
    Fill-in form, print, sign, and mail

plus deposit
Residential Sidewalk Permit
    Sidewalk Construction Permit Application Form (pdf file)
    Fill-in form, print, sign, and mail
No Charge
Dumpster Permits - (Ord#187-2010) $ 209.00 (Plus Copy of Insurance Policy)
Hauling Permit - (Ord#76-2000) $ 75.00 (Plus Copy of Insurance Policy)
Sewer Permits - (Ord#187-2010)
(General Connect/DIS/CAP)
    Sewer Permit Application Form
(pdf file)
    Fill-in, print, sign, and mail
$ 140.00
Sewer Permit Inspection Fee $ 460.00
Special Permits (Commercial) (Ord#187-2010) $160 - $800 + 2% Estimate Construction Cost
Dye Test (Ord#187-2010) $160.00 - $800.00
Verification of Permit Connection or Spur Location (Ord#187-2010) $ 95 each
Plans & Specs - (ORD#144-1990) $ 150.00 each project
Standard Specs -( ORD#187-2010) (Traffic and Sewer) $ 80.00 each
Standard Specs (AS OF JULY 1, 2009)
(Civil Engineering & Site Development Construction)
$ 260.00 each
Benchmarks- (Ord#187-2010)
GPS Monument Books (Benchmarks)
$ 275.00 each
Aerial Photos (Ord#144-1990) (Scale of 1"=200") $ 10.00 per sheet
Reproduction of Maps $ 9.00 per Sq Ft
Reproduction of Sewer Maps $ 63.00 each sheet
Subdivision Plan Review -(Ord#187-2010) (Initial Review) $3,500.00 + $150.00 per lot
Subdivision Plan Review -(Ord#187-2010) (Re-Submission) $ 350
Building Permit Review - 239F (Initial Review) - (Ord#187-2010)** $ 750.00
Building Permit Review - 239F (Re-Submission) -(Ord#187-2010)** $ 370.00
** + .5% Of Construction Costs For Projects Over $250,000  
Industrial Waste Discharge Permit -(Ord128-2006) $ 213.00
Scavenger Waste Per 1,000 Gal-(Ord#243-2001)
(Only Available Through Bay Park Plant)

pdf Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Permits for Work on County Roads and Within County Right-of-Way