Raccoon Rabies Information

March 2016 :  Rabid Raccoon Reported in Nassau County

This the first rabid raccoon found in Nassau County since November 2007.

From August of 2004 to November 2007, 67 rabid raccoons have been found in Nassau County

Rabid raccoons continue to be found in portions of New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens.

To prevent the spread of raccoon rabies in Nassau County, the Nassau County Department of Health partners with Cornell University and others in efforts to vaccinate raccoons (Oral Rabies Vaccination; ORV) against the rabies virus.

For additional information, please see the following Fact Sheet: 

2015 Nassau Metro NY Oral Rabies Vaccination Program

Do not attempt to approach or capture any wild animal or strange acting dog or cat. If you have been bitten, scratched or had other contact with a wild animal or strange acting dog or cat, seek medical attention immediately from your physician or local hospital’s emergency department and then contact the Department of Health. 

Contact the Nassau County Department of Health:

Weekdays from 9:00 to 4:45 @ 516-227-9663. 

Weekends, nights and holidays @ 516-742-6154