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Administrative Services Section

The Administrative Services section is responsible for managing technology contracts for both new and existing services. The Administrative group works with the with the County Executives Office, County Attorney, Office of Compliance, The County Purchasing Department and The Comptrollers office to ensure proper submission and agreement of all procedural protocol is met. Additional support services include developing and maintaining information, time reporting, coordinating facilities and travel, maintaining Policy and Procedure Manuals and administrative backup. This section also participates in legislative initiatives that affect technology.

Financial Management Section

The Financial Management Group is responsible for coordinating budget for the Department of Information Technology, reporting information related to technology Cost Plans and the monitoring and execution of expenditures from these budgets. The financial management group ensures proper review and audit of payments and receivables as engaged. A close relationship is maintained, Capital Planning Office, The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and The County’s Comptrollers office to determine ongoing technical requirements and provide any necessary administrative services.

Program Management Office

To ensure our information technology investments serve the business goals of the county, the Department of Information Technology continues to support and promote project management policies, guidelines and best practices adopted by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The project management training program will continue to evolve to better meet the needs of the county’s information technology community.

With new e-government initiatives being developed and the need for collaboration between agencies to share data across diverse platforms, it has become apparent that a standardized methodology of project management tracking and reporting is needed.

Understanding that project management necessitates a partnership between technology and business, PMO will include the business of government within its objectives.

Specific objectives include:

  • Advance project management awareness and capability level for projects by defining methodologies and establishing processes which encompass all project management disciplines
  • Provide direction and implement project management strategies, policies, and procedures that allow the most effective and efficient use of resources and for project prioritization methods.
  • Proactively promote the discipline of project management best practices to all county government agencies, departments or entities.
  • Identify, provide and promote certification and continuing professional development in the area of project management.
  • Include and encourage project management participation from within the non-technical community.

Application Support Division

Application Support defines the roles, policies, standards, and application development methodologies required to support the various customized and purchased applications throughout the County. Disciplines for this domain cover the automation of the workforce, promote group productivity, and provide a set of reusable application components. Application production roles work with the development of application methodologies, technology standards, and technologies that define how applications are designed and how they cooperate. It defines how those applications are documented and maintained. The Application Engineering discipline provides criteria, approved methodologies, and technologies that optimize the use and reuse of application components. The domain includes strategies for the retention of legacy knowledge and the phase out or upgrade of legacy systems. Application technology areas address:

  • Business Rules
  • Development Tools
  • Coding Standards
  • Component Object Repositories
  • Custom Systems
  • Enterprise-wide solutions
  • N-Tiered Architecture

Data Center Operations

The Data Center Support Section is comprised of four main groups:

The Operating Systems Support Group maintains availability of operating system components. They provide problem diagnosis and resolution for operating system components, operating system performance tuning, and capacity planning. This group also installs and applies maintenance to operating system components and specialized support packages.

The Network Systems Support Group is responsible for the support of Domain Name Services (DNS), the county internet servers, the county shared firewall complex and intrusion detection system. They support remote network access through Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and act as an interface between the County, State and Federal Networks.

The Technical Services Support Group is responsible for maintaining the structure and control of various products:

  • They maintain the RACF security system and the various security reporting software products that utilize RACF. 
  • They also install and maintain the consolidated Active Directory security system and the various security reporting and monitoring software products for Active Directory. 
  • They provide assistance to customers whom need to resolve security related technical issues and provide guidance for those customers whom have questions on how to improve the security of their systems.
  • The Email Services Group maintains the mail relay services which include initial spam filtering and virus scanning. They are also responsible for the implementation and management of the state's consolidated email servers and maintains availability of communication.  They provide problem diagnosis and resolution for communication system components. They also provide communication system performance tuning, install and apply maintenance to communication system components and to specialized support packages.

Help Desk and PC Tech Services

The Help Desk mission is to provide courteous, responsive technical support to Nassau County workers via the phone or e-mail. The objective is to resolve the problem on initial contact with the Help Desk. We support standard software and hardware, e-mail and infrastructure related problems. We will take a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems to better assist in the use of computer technology

  • Workstation/Server Equipment
  • Printers
  • Laptops

Web Services Group

The Web Services team works with departments, agencies and staff to develop resources for the Internet and Intranet solutions. Some of our services include helping people to design materials for the Internet, using web resources, providing guidance for users and publishers, and working with others individually to coordinate Internet development projects.