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From the Desk Of Carrie Solages

October 2012

News from Legislator Carrié Solages

Dear Neighbor,

I am pleased to announce that my office together with the New York State Department of Transportation has made it possible for improvements to pedestrian safety along the Hempstead Turnpike corridor to be implemented. This road has been known as the most dangerous road for pedestrians in the area. Due to this fact, Hempstead Turnpike problems have been a priority since my induction as your Legislator.

The following improvements will make it safer to cross Hempstead Turnpike:


  • Traffic signals will be installed at Sterling Road and Biltmore Avenue.  
  • A flashing signal for emergency vehicles at Gotham Avenue will be changed to a three-color signal.
  • New crosswalks with sidewalk ramps, pedestrian buttons and countdown timers will be installed across the turnpike as well.
  • Safety islands (medians) will be installed between Plainfield Road and Elmont Road, Lincoln Street to the Elmont Public Library, and in Franklin Square in the vicinity of Lexington and Randolph Avenues. These safety islands will give pedestrians who do not make it across Hempstead Turnpike before the light changes a safe place to wait until it is safe to continue across.
  • “No Turn on Red” signals at additional locations to work in conjunction with the leading pedestrian intervals signal timing. This will assist pedestrians by allowing them to begin crossing the road before the light changes making them more visible to the vehicles before they move. Hopefully this will eliminate many injuries that occur when pedestrians begin crossing and cars who are turning fail to see them.
  • Installation of a crosswalk with pedestrian signal indications, countdown timers and pushbuttons on the west side of Hempstead Turnpike and Terrace Avenue.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office for any additional information. I look forward to continuing to work with my neighbors to improve every corner of our communities. I will keep you posted.


Carrie Signature

Nassau County Legislator, 3rd District