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Four Years Later and Haiti Still Needs Help
4th Anniversary of Haiti’s devastating Earthquake!

(Jan. 14 - Mineola, NY) - On the 4th Anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, it is important not to forget the 316,000 victims that tragically lost their lives. Men, women and children’s lives were abruptly terminated due to this massive earthquake. Haitian families around the world were impacted as they mourned the loss of loved ones. An already fragile economy was brought to a standstill as the country fought for its very survival.

Four years later, the Haitian people continue to heal and are working to rebuild from this catastrophic event. In remembrance of the victims and Haiti’s post-earthquake era, I encourage the world community to continue its efforts to mobilize support to address the economic, social and cultural needs of the Haitian community.

For those who want to offer donations or support, there are a number of non-profit organizations currently providing humanitarian services. Please take a moment to select an organization you are willing to support. Haiti still needs help!