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Toback and Denenberg Announces County Concessions are Going "Green" with Biodegradable Paper Products

Nassau County Legislators Jeff Toback (D-Oceanside) and Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) announced today that all of the concession stands in the County parks system, run by Dover Caterers, will be using environmentally-safe “green” products, like biodegradable cups, and napkins and plates made from recycled materials.

“The conversion to green products is yet another example of Nassau County’s commitment to the health of not only our bodies, but of our environment,” Toback said. “I applaud Dover Caterers who have truly stepped up to the plate and understand that doing good for the environment and doing good business can go hand-in-hand.”

The concession stands will feature plastic cups and containers made from field corn, biodegradable hand towels, plates and napkins. Tissue paper used in grabbing pretzels and other food items will also be environmentally friendly. Even the hand soap is harmless to the health of the parks system.

“This move will not only increase the quality-of-life for current residents, but for future generations as well,” Denenberg said. “By utilizing biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, Nassau County has positioned itself as one of the most eco-friendly places to call home.”

The cups and containers start out as plant sugar stored in field corn. The plant sugar undergoes fermentation and distillation and formed into tiny polymer pellets called PLA resin. Those pellets are melted down and formed into plastic containers. The containers can be composted or incinerated with no negative impact on the environment, and are just as sturdy and strong as regular plastic containers.

“It is Dover's pleasure to announce our changeover to environmentally friendly (green) packaging and cleaningproducts at all of our food service locations,” said Butch Yamali, owner of Dover Caterers. “Beinga resident of Long Island and looking towards the future for my family and community, I have done a lot of research and haveconcluded that we can easily replace most, if not all, of the traditional paper and plastic goods that we currently use with ‘green’ products.After personally testing these items, there was no loss in strength, durability or appearance.It is virtually impossible to tell the difference. This made my decision very easy.”

The introduction of these new products goes hand-in-hand with Nassau County’s “Healthy Nassau” initiative to make it the healthiest county in the nation. “Healthy Nassau” builds upon existing initiatives and adds new ones in order to sustain a healthy environment (focusing on air, land and water), while encouraging healthy living (tending to bodies, minds and spirits).