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Leg Denenberg Leads Fight to Stop Subdivision

Nassau County Legislator Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) commits to continuing the fight against subdivisions in Bellmore with the Sentino sisters.

Legislator Denenberg is committed to fighting Bellmore subdivisions.

During the last session of the Nassau County Legislature’s Planning, Development, and Environment Committee, Chairman Legislator Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) led the fight to stop a subdivision on Linden Street in Bellmore. A developer wants to build two homes on 329 Linden Street, a 525 square foot lot that was once the location of a house he had razed. The property lacked the proper frontage required to subdivide. In order to comply with Town guidelines for subdivisions the developer attempted to obtain a piece of County owned land.

“Subdividing small lots will lead to overpopulation in a community that is already very dense,” Legislator Denenberg said. “When the residents approached me about a possible subdivision in their community I felt it was my duty to protect the character of the neighborhood. By allowing a developer to buy County land we are also losing precious open space on the south shore.”

The members of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee unanimously defeated the sale of this property after a brief discussion led by Legislator Denenberg.

Maria and Ann Sentino, residents of Linden Street, attended the committee meeting. They were moved to tears of joy with the outcome. “Dave sees the value of the neighborhood,” said Maria. “He’s been with us for years trying to get them not to build.”

“There was a beautiful home there before; that’s what Bellmore is,” Ann said. “He (the developer) bought the property solely to subdivide it three or four years ago and we’ve been fighting this tooth and nail ever since.”

“The developer wants to build over open space that is currently used for drainage,” added Legislator Denenberg. “The houses south of the property already get flooded every time it rains. The developer may go to the town next to apply for a variance which I hope he doesn’t get.”