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Behavioral Health Services


60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd     
Suite 240
Uniondale, NY  11553
Phone: (516) 227-8231
Fax: (516) 227-7369

Hours of Operation:          Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:45 pm

What service is provided by Behavioral Health Services?
Behavioral Health Services screens clients who apply for public assistance and Medicaid at the Nassau County Department of Social Services to determine if they are abusing alcohol or other substances.  If alcohol or substance abuse is evident, staff conducts formal assessments and provides referrals to treatment at the appropriate level of care.  Behavioral Health Services also collaborates with hospital and community-based treatment agencies to coordinate proper care for clients with co-occurring psychiatric and alcohol/substance abuse disorders.

Why must  I be interviewed by Behavioral Health Services staff?   
The Rules and Regulations of New York State (NYCRR18) require everyone applying for public assistance to be screened by a chemical dependency professional.  If there is evidence that an applicant or recipient of public assistance is abusing alcohol or drugs, a formal alcohol/ substance abuse assessment is also required.  If a person fails to participate in the screening or in the assessment, he/she will not be eligible for public assistance.

Will I have to go to treatment if I am interviewed by Behavioral Health Services?
You will not be referred to treatment unless it is determined that you have an alcohol or substance abuse problem that prevents you from working.  If you are unable to work and need treatment for alcohol or substance abuse, Behavioral Health Services staff will help you get the treatment you need.

Is there a charge for Behavioral Health Services?
All services provided by Behavioral Health Services are free of charge.  Participants needing additional services may be referred to agencies for treatment.  Agencies have sliding scale fees for their services and will accept private insurance or Medicaid.