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Substance Abuse Treatment Program


Nassau County Correctional Center
100 Carman Avenue
Bldg E, Room 1
East Meadow, NY  11554
Phone:  (516) 572-3610
Fax:  (516) 572-4265

 What is the Substance Abuse Treatment Program?
The Substance Abuse Treatment Program, in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department, operates three maximum security programs for 150 inmates (120 males and 30 females) with substance abuse and alcohol problems.  Participation in this program is voluntary and inmates may apply to the program by writing a letter to the Chemical Dependency Office, Building E, Room 1.

What services will I receive?
The Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides individual and small group counseling, vocational rehabilitation, chemical dependency education, HIV/AIDS testing and education, and self-help meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous.  Treatment and self-help meetings are available daily.  Counselors and inmates participate together in post-incarceration and pre-sentencing treatment planning.  The program also provides a chemical dependency curriculum which focuses on written participation from the inmates and skill-based activities. 

Re-entry Inmate Program
Most of the men and women in the substance abuse treatment dormitories reenter the community after a lengthy incarceration.  Counseling for these inmates focuses on reentry transition, vocational rehabilitation, and post-incarceration treatment placement.

Commitment to Change – Criminal Thinking  Inmate Program
Many of the men and women in the substance abuse treatment dormitories are sentenced to state and federal prison time.  Counselors for these inmates, with the utilization of a “Commitment to Change - Criminal Thinking” video series, focus on behavioral change and the transition to prison life.  Counselors advocate for placement of inmates placement in substance and alcohol abuse treatment when they transfer from the jail to a prison.

Is there a fee for this program?
There is no fee for participating in this program.