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Legal Rights of Respondents in Hearings

The hearings held at the Office of Consumer Affairs are administrative hearings held pursuant to the Nassau County Administrative Code.  Respondents are entitled to at least ten days notice of a hearing and may be represented by legal counsel at the hearing.

The hearing officer sets the ground rules for the hearing and may exercise discretion in what types of evidence will be allowed, who may be present to assist a respondent (but an attorney is always permitted if desired), and the order and conduct of the presentation of the issues and evidence by both sides.  A hearing officer may create a settlement where appropriate during the hearing or issue a decision constituting an order of the Office of Consumer Affairs at the conclusion of the hearing.

Respondents may appeal the decision of a hearing officer to the Commissioner within ten business days after the hearing, by letter giving specific and succinct reasons why the decision should be dismissed or amended.  A final agency decision will be rendered within thirty days after receipt by the Commissioner of the letter of appeal.