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Commissioner Bogsted address the press

Suozzi Announces Prom Season Crackdown on Illegal Limos

-- Consumer Affairs Inspectors and Police Seize Limos and Issue Summonses for illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Inadequate License and Registration

Mineola, N.Y. – Nassau County Executive Thomas R. Suozzi and Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Roger C. Bogsted today announced a prom season crackdown on illegal limo operators who lack the appropriate licenses, registration and insurance, and who allow underage drinking and drugs in their vehicles.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), which operates under the Office of Consumer Affairs, and the Nassau County Police Department are working together to track limos, stopping and checking them for drugs and alcohol and to make sure both drivers and vehicles are in compliance with all TLC rules and regulations.

So far this prom season, 80 summonses have been issued to prom-bound limos, and three vehicles have been seized. In addition, 34 vehicles could have been seized, but were not because there was no apparent danger to the students. When vehicles are seized, the limousine company is required to send another vehicle to pick up the stranded passengers. And in one instance, the TLC directed the limo company to return 50% of the fee to the students.

“There will be zero tolerance for limousine companies that allow underage drinking and drugs in their vehicles, and that do not comply with TLC regulations,” Suozzi said. “This is a very important safety issue, and we can’t allow operators to take illegal advantage of prom season. Too often, we find limos that are not registered. In some cases, drivers have suspended licenses and the cars they are driving are uninsured.”

“The best thing parents can do before hiring a limousine service is to call our office at (516) 571-3285 to see if the company is in good standing and to determine its record with consumers,” Bogsted said.

Parents should also:


  • Ask limo operators if they enforce the policy against drugs and alcohol.
  • Make sure limo operators check that there are absolutely no drugs or alcohol anywhere in the vehicle, including the trunk. There have been cases where alcohol from a wedding or other party was left behind.
  • Make sure that the limos are licensed for hire, and have the proper liability insurance and state registration.


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