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Lead Hazard Reduction Program - A Success!

In January 2010, Nassau County Office of Housing and Community Development received a $4,000,000 Lead Hazard Control Grant from the United States Office of Housing and Urban Development. In the three year life of the grant, Nassau County Office of Housing & Community Development tested 300 homes and has performed 175 lead remediation projects for homeowners and tenants.

The goal of the grant was to make homes lead safe for pregnant women and young children, the two groups that are most likely affected by deteriorate lead paint and dust. The Office of Housing & Community Development is proud to have met the goals set
by HUD.

Lead Abatement Grant Information

The Nassau County Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program is run through the Nassau County Office of Community Development (OCD).  The Nassau County OCD and the Nassau County Department of Health (DOH) have jointly implemented actions to control lead-based paint hazards in private dwellings after being awarded a grant of $4 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to remediate lead paint in homes built before 1978. The County has dedicated an additional $1.3 million toward this effort.

The $5.3 million will be used to provide risk assessments for low income homeowners and rehabilitate homes in which children reside.  The County will spend up to $20,000.00 on average for each home that has lead remediation work.

The County plans to rehabilitate up to 170 homes and rental units of lead paint hazards to eliminate the threat they pose to children.  All homes identified with children under the age of six, can qualify for lead hazard reduction assistance.

The Nassau County OCD and DOH currently estimate that 202 housing units will be enrolled in the program and receive a risk assessment.  With a goal of improving living conditions for 340 children, the departments aim to rehabilitate 85 homeowner units and 85 rental units.

Targeted communities for lead abatement include Elmont, Freeport, Hempstead, New Cassel, Roosevelt, Westbury and anyone in Nassau County may be eligible. Over 80% of children in the target areas will be tested for blood levels at age one and two.  

For additional information see the National Lead Information Center at

Selection of Properties, The Nassau County Department of Health will be providing a list of homes with children under the age of six that have elevated blood lead levels of >10ug/dl. This will be the first priority.

Lead Program

Program selection and enrollment priorities will include the following:

  • Units occupied by a child under the age of six who has tested positive for an elevated blood lead level.  DOH receives and reviews all lead blood testing reports.
  • Privately owned rental units, as the County currently does not have a program to assist with lead abatement in privately owned rental units.
  • Low-income focus areas: include Elmont, Hempstead, Freeport/Roosevelt and New Cassel/Westbury.  These communities contain substantial numbers of units constructed prior to 1978 and Community Health Centers are operated in these communities.  Focused outreach and efforts to increase the percent of children under the age of six tested for blood lead levels will occur through these centers.

Units eligible for rehabilitation, Neighborhood Stabilization Program and/or weatherization funding. These units having residential rehabilitation work approved and identified with lead hazards will be integrated into the program.

Program Benchmarks;
202 units will be enrolled and receive risk assessment.
85 rental units made lead safe.
85 homeowner units made lead safe.
340 children living in units to made lead safe.
80% of children in the target areas will be tested for blood levels at age one and two.

Nassau County has been given three years to complete the goals of grant. With the help of all LHRD staff we hope to exceed all of our benchmarks.