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Sands Point Preserve

The Guggenheim mansion, Falaise, is open for tours from June through October.

Sands Point, 127 Middleneck Road


Admission: Sands Point charges $10 per car and $2 per "walk-in"

Open every day Monday - Sunday

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PERHAPS THE MOST IMPRESSIVE OF THE NORTH SHORE'S early-20th-century estates, Sands Point first served as the home for railroad heir Howard Gould and was later purchased by Daniel and Florence Guggenheim.

The 216-acre preserve, located by the Long Island Sound, is dominated by the massive Hempstead House and nearby Castlegould stable, but also includes a second mansion, “Falaise,” that was built by Capt. Harry Guggenheim around 1923. (Guggenheim was the founder with his wife, Alicia Patterson, of Newsday.)

Falaise, located on a cliff above the Long Island Sound and based on a 13th-century French Norman manor house, is open for tours between June and October, Thursdays through Sundays each hour from noon to 3 p.m. (Please note that children under 10 are not allowed in Falaise).

Distinctive features of the house include an enclosed cobblestone courtyard, thickly mortared brick walls, steeply pitched roofs of heavy tile, and a round tower. The Medieval atmosphere is continued inside the house by the arches, thick wood beams, textured plastered walls, and carved stone mantels.

Falaise is also furnished with antiques, many from the 16th and 17th centuries, and includes wood carvings, sculptures, Renaissance paintings and several important pieces of modern art. Please call for fees and other information.

In addition to its stunning buildings, Sands Point provides six nature trails that meander through diverse habitats of woods, fields, pond and beach in a beautiful North Shore community along the Long Island Sound. The preserve is an interesting mix of natural and landscaped areas. Forests, meadows, beach and cliffs, lawns, gardens and a freshwater pond provide habitats for a variety of plants and animals. The proximity of different habitats affords the visitor a varied outdoor experience within a relatively limited area. Nature Trails provide access to the preserve and highlight specific points of interest in self-guiding literature.


The magnificent Castle Gould at Sands Point Preserve



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