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Nassau County Resource Directory
Table of Contents

I. Local Government Resources

  1. Community Directory
  2. TownContact Information
  3. City Contact Information
  4. Village Contact Information

II. Safety Resources

  1. Fire Departments
  2. Hospitals
  3. Police Departments

III. Natural Resources & Recreation

  1. Active Parks

    a. Village Active Parks
    b. Town Active Parks
    c. County Active Parks
    d. State Active Parks

  2. Beaches

    a. Town Beaches
    b. City Beaches
    c. County Beaches
    d. State Beaches

  3. Campgrounds
  4. Major Shopping Malls
  5. Major Sports Venues
  6. Passive Parks
  7. Public Golf Courses

IV. Cultural Resources

  1. Higher Education
  2. Historic Sites & Landmarks
  3. Historical Societies & Cultural Arts
  4. Museums
  5. Nature Preserves
  6. Performing Arts, Theatres, Concert Halls
  7. Public Libraries

V. Miscellaneous Resources

  1. Cemeteries
  2. Local Newspapers of Record (Arranged by Village/Community)
  3. Local Newspapers of Record II (Arranged by Name of Publication)
  4. Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) & Local Taxi Contacts
  5. Post Offices