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Financial Literacy

For those individuals that have concerns about their credit, we have instituted a Financial Fitness Program, “Money 101.” This program consists of four classes once a week for four weeks. The program covers all of the basic fundamentals that a person should know about their finances and how to begin correcting their credit in preparation for homeownership.  The contents of this program are structured around the following areas:

  • Banking and Services/Money Management
  • Savings and Credit
  • Debt and Rebuilding Credit
  • Predatory Lending and Identity Theft and Energy Star Money

The workshops consist of PowerPoint presentations and group exercises that will help better facilitate the importance of getting one’s personal finances in order.  Individuals will also meet with a counselor to review credit, housing expenses and develop an individualized action plan once they have completed the classes.

If you are interested in attending a Money 101 session please email us at or call us at 516-572-1903 to register for the next available session.


Class Agenda

Office of Housing & Homeless Services
Class 1
 Banking Services/Money Management
Benefits of checking accounts
ATM & Debit card tips
Understanding & Controlling Finances
Setting up a budget
Tracking your expenses
Office of Housing & Homeless Services
Class 2
Savings & Credit
Pay yourself first- Strategies to reduce spending
Saving for financial goals & the unexpected
How credit affects us
Characteristics of a credit card
Healthy credit use
Potential problems with credit card use
Guest Speaker
Office of Housing & Homeless Services
Class 3
Debt & Rebuilding Credit
What a credit report is & how it is used
How to get a credit report
Repairing & maintaining good credit
Tips to avoid debt
Resources for debt management
Guest Speaker
Office of Housing & Homeless Services
Class 4
Predatory Lending & Identity Theft
Avoiding predators-Predatory vs. Sub-Prime
How to avoid scams
Your rights as a consumer
Techniques to protect your identity
What to do if you become a victim