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Grandparents as Caregivers

Many grandparents find themselves as primary or secondary caregivers to their grandchildren, often due to sudden or unplanned changes in the lives of their adult children. They need help to ease the stress of caring for young children when energy and financial resources may be quite limited.

Grandparent caregivers often face legal issues such as custody, adoption, guardianship and foster care. They struggle with financial, educational and health concerns. The following resources may be helpful.


The Department of Senior Citizen Affairs has initiated a monthly support group for grandparents who love and are concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren. The group discusses issues of interest, develops coping skills and provides support to each other. Call for information: 227-8900


AARP has a web page with resource information for grandparents, including visitation rights, tips for raising grandchildren, an online support group and resource materials.


This organization promotes intergenerational strategies, programs and public policies. It has information and links to other resources.


This group provides information about services, support groups, legal assistance, etc.

This organization provides an online place where grandparents can seek support and comfort.