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Office for the Aging

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(516) 227-8900

A professional staff provides a full range of information, assistance, and consultation services to older persons and their families on a person-to-person basis.

Approximately 40% of telephone inquiries received by the Nassau HELP-LINE relate to the concerns of relatives or friends who are caregivers. The staff person obtains from the caller a “picture” of the individual circumstances of the frail older person.

  • Does the person live alone?
  • What help is available from family and friends?
  • Is the person currently receiving assistance from any agency?
  • What are the financial concerns?
  • Is there an urgency in setting up care, or is this planning for future needs?
  • How is the caregiver coping?

Callers receive information on services, programs, benefits, and entitlements. Help-Line staff makes referrals to appropriate agencies and follows up to see that help is obtained.


The Office for the Aging is the lead agency for implementation of Nassau*NYConnects, a single point of entry system for persons of all ages who require long term care services. Trained staff provides information about available resources and assists persons to access programs and services that will enable them to remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible.  A web-based Resource Data Base is now available to provide information on a wide variety of long term care programs and services that are available to persons of all ages.

Resource Data Base: