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Mission Statement


Department Mission Statement

C.A.S.A. has the crucial mission of coordinating services for the Latino community that will help educate, empower and integrate individuals to be self sufficient participants in social, economic and civic life. Establish relevant links for the Latino community, community based and business organizations with all pertinent County government departments including but not limited to the areas of: Public Safety, Health and Human Services, Economic Development and General services such as Parks/Recreation and Emergency management. To make informed, appropriate culturally competent recommendations for policies and services provided, or lack thereof, to all Nassau County government departments, the County Executive and servicing agencies receiving County funding. To help determine effectiveness and adequacy of services provided by departments, to help to coordinate those services and identify emerging needs in the Latino community. To facilitate partnership, training and support services to County Departments to help integrate the Latino community. To support departments in creating and implementing individual plans (outreach, bi-lingual staffing, culturally competent initiatives or service etc.) according to respective areas of responsibilities, mandate and expertise i.e. Housing, Health, Industrial Development, and Board of Elections regulations for limited English voters. Support and help monitor appropriate practices in the culturally competent provision of services by departments to the growing Latino and the limited English speaking community the largest minority group and fastest growing segment of our population. To identify resources in the Latino community to partner with on county-wide initiatives or projects. To carry out certain limited direct service programs as deemed needed and/or appropriate.

Department Description

Resource and referral regarding national, state and local resources which contribute to the education and general welfare of Hispanic and Latino Americans in Nassau County. Service provision limited to immigration process to support integration on the path to citizenship & participation in government. Provision on ESL/GED and basic computer literacy courses (with funding support from Hempstead Adult Education) to facilitate education in language job building skills to support of Nassau's workforce.

Departmental Goals

To make recommendations and advise the County Executive in the following:

  • To provide a means of communication and dissemination of vital information to the Hispanics of Nassau County.

Departmental Objectives

To encourage the systematic collection of relevant and appropriate data, its analysis and interpretation for the planning of programs. Encourage relevant studies on the Hispanic population of Nassau County.

  • To develop and support leadership that is understanding and responsible to the needs of Hispanics in Nassau County.
  • To defend and represent the rights of Latinos in Nassau County.
  • To support and insure affirmative action in the recruitment, placement, hiring and upgrading of Latinos.
  • To encourage the adoption of different approaches to the delivery of services on the basis of their effectiveness when servicing Latinos.
  • To encourage the systemic collection or relevant and appropriate data, its analysis and interpretation for he planning of programs. To encourage relevant studies on the Latino and Hispanic population of Nassau Count