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Mangano To Unions: Get Your Butts To The Negotiation Table

In response to comments made by Nassau County’s public employee unions, County Executive Edward P. Mangano today issued the following statement:

“Rather than waste members’ dues on t-shirts and juvenile signs, union leaders would serve their members responsibly by getting their butts to the negotiation table. The fact remains if union bosses fail to negotiate more of their members will lose their jobs or will be furloughed.

It is a sad day in America when union bosses are arrogant enough to claim that asking for concessions is “Anti-American.” Tell that to the veterans of World War II who are struggling to pay their property taxes. Tell that to the soldiers of Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan who struggle to live in Nassau County. How dare Nassau’s union bosses insult anyone who is fighting for lower taxes! I continue to offer union bosses the opportunity to negotiate; however, I will not give in to threats. I stand with the residents of Nassau County who are struggling to make ends meet. Nothing is more American than that.

Simply put, Jim Carver’s PBA fails to recognize that residents do not sympathize with members’ who earn six-figure salaries, work 3 days a week and receive 61 paid days off a year. While we value police officers bravery and dedication, taxpayers cannot afford a 39% property tax hike to provide free health insurance and educational pay when no educational enhancement is required.”


Nassau wage data benefit chart issued by the Office of Management and Budget.