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March 10, 2011

Rice and Mangano Announce:

Taxpayers Will Not Foot the Bill For Retesting of Felony Drug Cases

MINEOLA, NY - Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice and County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced today that the retesting of samples for approximately 3,000 felony drug cases will be paid for entirely with Nassau County Police Department asset forfeiture funds, not with taxpayer money.

“Police errors at the crime lab have put us in the position where we must retest evidence in order to ensure that the court system remains just,” Rice said. “It is crucial that we retest felony drug evidence and review the testing of blood-alcohol content. Rather than sticking taxpayers with the bill for this retesting, however, I believe that the police should use forfeiture money to pay for its mistakes.”

“In an effort to confirm the results of the previous felony drug cases starting from the year 2008, the Nassau County Police Department will be sending evidence to a lab in Pennsylvania,” said County Executive Mangano.  “It is imperative that we restore confidence in our evidence testing procedures and we will do that without asking the taxpayers of Nassau to pay for even one single penny.”

It is unknown at this time how long the retesting of felony drug samples will take, or how much it will cost.

The Nassau County Police Department’s Asset Forfeiture Unit ensures that those who commit crimes do not profit from their illegal activities.  The proceeds and instrumentalities of criminal activities are seized and used to fund crime-fighting initiatives.