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What can the Health Department do about garbage in my neighborhood?

The Nassau County Health Department has a very limited role in the regulation of garbage in residential areas. Garbage is defined as putrescible waste-food (food wastes and the associated wastes from food preparation, which can rot). This is primarily of concern because it can attract, provide food for, and provide breeding places for rodent and insect pest populations. Improper handling of this waste can also result in severe noxious odors.

Who do I call about other types of garbage problems?

In general, the local Town, Village, or City regulates other forms of garbage in residential neighborhoods: trash, rubbish, rubble, debris, and how and when to put out garbage are all covered under local codes.

Is more information available?

For more information, please contact your local municipality:

Town of Hempstead / (516) 489-5000
Town of North Hempstead / (516) 627-0590
Town of Oyster Bay / (516) 624-6498
City of Glen Cove / (516) 676-2000
City of Long Beach / (516) 431-1000
Nassau County Village Officials Association / (516) 437-1455

If Nassau County residents have additional questions or concerns about Garbage in their neighborhood, they can call the Nassau County Department of Health - Community Sanitation Program 516-227-9715.