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Child Fatality Review Team

Child Fatality Review:

A child’s death is a tragic event that should push communities to identify risk and preventable causes of illness or injury. Child fatality review prioritizes prevention and promotes recommendations and actions to prevent future child deaths.  Sixteen local teams have been formed across New York State (NYS).

The Nassau County Child Fatality Review Team:

The Nassau County Child Fatality Review Team (NCCFRT) is a multidisciplinary team that has functioned since December 2008 as a NYS approved child fatality review team as provided in

New York State Social Services Law (SSL) §422-b working under the supervision of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).  The team was created to review fatalities of Nassau County residents age 0-17 years whose death is unexpected or unexplained.


The mission of the NCCFRT is to review child deaths to better understand the causes of these deaths and to make recommendations based on the team’s findings in order to reduce future child fatalities. 


Membership in the CFRT is defined by SSL §422-b.  This statute requires the participation of certain local governmental agencies and private individuals.  SSL § 442-b also allows for the appointment of associate members from various fields of practice.  Mandatory team members include Nassau County Child Protective Services, Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Nassau County Department of Health, Nassau County Office of the Medical Examiner, Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Office of the Nassau County Attorney, Nassau County Police Department, Emergency Medical Services, New York State Law Enforcement and a pediatrician with expertise in child abuse.  The team has added additional members with expertise relevant to child fatality prevention and/or review. 


Information regarding a case is gathered and presented at meetings in a systematic fashion.  Contributing factors to the death are identified.  The team then has the ability to analyze patterns of child deaths and make recommendations for preventing future child fatalities.  The NCCFRT meetings are confidential and closed to the public.  A confidentiality statement is signed by each member at the start of each team meeting.  The team follows a protocol and procedure manual, in accordance with New York State Social Service Law §§ 20(5) and 422-b, along with OCFS guidelines.  The Team has the authority to prepare Informational releases to address various safety issues. 

This website contains information regarding the findings and activities of the NCCFRT.  It is not designed to be a comprehensive injury prevention resource but rather a working guide to the process. 


AAP Policy Statements:

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