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Home Improvement Contractors

Who Must Be Licensed
Application Instructions
Renewing a License
Insurance Requirements
Adding an Officer to a Current License
Changing the Name of Your Company
Changing an Address on a Current License

Taxi & Limousine Operators

TLC Rules & Regulations
Municipalities that License Taxis and Limos
Who is Responsible for Licensing
Renewing a License
Who Must Be Licensed

Store Owners & Managers

Measurement Devices & Scales

Legal Counsel

Counsumer Affairs Jurisdiction
Court Opinions from Consumer Affairs Cases
     Stop & Shop

Responding to Complaints

At a Violation Hearing
During an Investigation
Possible Outcomes of a Violation Hearing
Your Rights

Laws & Regulations

Nassau County Consumer Protection Laws
Weights & Measures Law
     Weights and Measures State Law
     Method of Sale Regulations
     Expiration Date Complaints
     Petroleum Products
     Unit Pricing

Unit Pricing Local Law 6-1970 Home Improvement Business

Local Law 2-1970 Unfair Trade Practices

Auto Advertising Guidelines