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1. Check your home for all possible entry points and any weaknesses that they may



2. Check for overgrown shrubbery and trees; maintain clear lines of sight for your

entrances and driveway. Trim shrubs to a height of three feet and tree canopies

should be trimmed up to eight feet. Eliminate hiding areas around entrances.


3. Check exterior lighting, this includes the back and sides of the home. Try to

maintain uniform lighting and eliminate dark spots and shadows.


4. Check windows and door locks, make sure they are in working order. Install a

wide-angle door viewer that permits you to look outside before opening the door.


5. Lock all doors, windows and garage whenever possible, prior to leaving your

residence, going to bed, or leaving on vacation.


6. Move and secure items that could be used to facilitate entry through ground floor

windows, make sure that casement windows cannot be pulled open to allow entry.


7. At night close your drapes, blinds and window treatments as a deterrent. If the

subjects cannot see into your home they may be reluctant to enter.


8. Set your alarm before going to bed. You may consider having a panic button

installed near the bed or use a wireless remote alarm key chain or pendant. Have a

telephone near the bed.                                                                                     


9. Leave an interior light on or use a timer to turn the light on and off. Leave a radio

or television on when out of the house.


10. Discontinue any deliveries while away on business or vacation. Arrange for family

or friends to visit your home while you’re away.


11. Take time to inventory, photograph and have an appraisal conducted on valuable

items. Prepare a videotape of your home’s contents and store in a safe place.

Keep valuables out of the master bedroom. Store them in a safe or safe deposit box.


12. Mark your property using an engraving tool for identification.


13. When approaching or leaving your home, look for suspicious persons or vehicles.

14. As a deterrent vary your routine.


15. Start a neighborhood watch.


16. If you discover that your home has been burglarized, DO NOT ENTER.


  If you are home and a burglar confronts you….

• Remain calm, comply with the burglars’ instructions.

• Remember your life is more valuable than your property.

• Try to memorize a description of the subject.

When the subject leaves, Call the Police by dialing 911