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11/2013 Consumer Alert: Governor Cuomo Warns New Yorkers About Deceptive STAR Program Solicitations
04/2009 Swine Flu Q&A
09/2008 Mosquito Spraying
07/2008 Water Safety
05/2008 Lyme Disease/Tick Season
04/2008 EBay Scam
03/2008 Lottery Scam
02/2008 Fighting Back Against ID Theft
02/2008 Preventing Portable GPS Thefts
07/2007 Preventing Home Invasion Tips
06/2007 Counterfeit Colgate Toothpaste Found
06/2007 Prom Nights Safety Tips
06/2007 DWI Teen Safety
06/2007 Counterfeit $500 Travelers Check
05/2007 Bogus Lottery
04/2007 Foreign Based Lottery Scam
04/2007 Cry For "Help" Scam
04/2007 Laptop Safety Tips
10/2006 A Message from the Direct Marketing Association
09/2006 FDA Warning on Serious Foodborne E.coli Outbreak
08/2006 Bogus Check Scam
12/2004 Holiday Gift Cards
03/2004 Counterfeit Merchandise Seized
03/2004 Dillon Announces Guilty Plea By Woman
03/2004 New Jersey Fundraiser Banned From Soliciting In New York
03/2004 Consumers Complaints Lead To Health Club Sales Reforms
03/2004 Assets Of Pay-Per Call Operators Frozen
03/2004 PAYPAL To Clarify Disclosures Related To Rights For Undelivered Goods
03/2004 Court Freezes Funds Of Advance Fee Credit Card Scam
01/2004 Please Read For Your Protection.......
11/2003 D.A. Dillon Announces Arrests In Sale Of Fake Designer Merchandise
10/2003 Dillon: Roslyn Heights Auto Dealer Arrested For Fraud
07/2003 Dillon Warns Of New Twist In Infamous 'Nigerian Scam'
06/2003 Sting Nabs 77 Work-at-Home & Franchse Promoters
04/2003 D.A. Dillon Announces Arrest Of Home Improvement Contractor In Theft Of Thousands Of Dollars
01/2003 Dillon Issues Alert On International Sweepstakes Fraud
01/2003 Area Code Scams - Area Code 809 and International Area Codes
01/2003 Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report
01/2003 "Do Not Call" Registry
01/2003 Taxable & Non-Taxable Food Items Sold at Retail Food Markets and Similar Establishments
06/2002 New Scam Gives Hackers Access To Your Bank Account
06/2002 Nigerian Money Scam
06/2002 Fastest Growing Crime: Identity Theft
06/2002 Do Not Call Scam - Do Not Give Information