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Debris Management


FEMA approved the Nassau County Debris Management Plan

PDF File Nassau DDMP_Approved Plan

Debris Management Plan

Appendix A - Estimated Debris Management Timeline

Appendix B - Debris Forecasting Figures and Estimating Models

Appendix C - Contact Information (not posted)

Appendix D - Damage Assesment Forms

Appendix E - Debris Control Zones

Appendix F - Priority Clearance Routes

Appendix H - Debris Removal Forms

Appendix I - Health & Safety Forms

Appendix J - Figure J-1, DMS Locations_C_size_17x22 & Table J-1_ Potential Debris Management Sites

Appendix K - Solid Waste Management Facilities

Appendix L - Solid Waste Management Landfills

Appendix M - Hazardous Waste, HHW, and RMW Facilities

Appendix N - E-Waste D and R Facilities

A number of the Debris Management Plan Appendices are posted here as .zip files, which combine multiple files into a single file for easier downloading. (For example, Appendix H-Debris Removal Forms, contains eleven separate Word documents). Thus, you will need to have the WinZip utility installed on your computer to "unzip" the files. A free evaluation of WinZip is available for at

When you download the .zip files to your computer and unzip them, you will be able to open the individual Word or Excel documents contained within.

Downloading instructions:
1. Make sure you have WinZip installed on your computer.
2. Right-click on the blue file names (e.g., Appendix H-Debris Removal Forms ) on the County website ( )
3. From the pop-up menu, select "Save Target As..." and navigate to the folder where you wish to save the file. Save the file to this location.
4. For the .zip files, download the file as instructed in steps 2 and 3. Then, using My Computer or Windows Explorer, right-click on
the name of the .zip file and select "Open with WinZip" and then select "Extract". This will place all of the individual files into the folder for your use.

(Appendices B, D, F, H, I, K, L, and M are in .zip format. The Debris Management Plan and the other Appendices are individual files).

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Beckenbaugh of URS Corporation at tel: 973-785-8013 x. 340 or

April 24, 2008 - Kickoff Meeting Handouts

FEMA Increased Federal Share Checklist PDF File

FEMA Public Assistance Pilot Program Fact Sheet PDF File

Planning Team Meeting 1 Agenda MS Word File

NC DDMP PP 1 April 24 (power point presentation)


Private Contractor Downloads

Debris Removal Services Potential Statement of Work

Debris Removal Contractor Pre-Qualification Information