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Holding The Line on Property Taxes

County Executive Ed Mangano knows the current economic situation on Long Island is stagnant due to high taxes. That is why he kept his pledge to taxpayers by repealing Nassau County's Home Energy Tax in 2010 - the equivalent of a 5% property tax reduction for homeowners. Mr. Mangano is the first County Executive to place tax dollars back in the pockets of our residents.

Ed Mangano believes that high taxes kill jobs. That is why he has focused on reducing the size of government, consolidating operations and reining in spending.

County Executive Mangano has cut over $171 million in wasteful government spending, reduced the County workforce to the lowest level since the 1950's, implemented public-private partnerships and protected homeowners and employers by eliminating a 16.5 percent property tax increase planned by the prior administration (read more).

Since taking office, the County Executive has held the line on County property taxes every year - there has been no increase on his watch.

Holding The Line on Property Taxes