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ID Vendor Name License Number License Status Open Complaints Closed Complaints
1 Q C BUILDING & REMODELING H03053300 Licensed 0 2
2 Q C CONTRACTING CORP H18D57400 Licensed 0 3
3 Q CONTRACTING LLC Not Currently Licensed 1 0
4 Q D I CONTRACTING INC H40006400 Licensed 0 0
5 Q D I CONTRACTING INC Not Currently Licensed 0 0
6 Q D R CONSULTANTS & Not Currently Licensed 0 0
7 Q JET POWERWASH Not Currently Licensed 0 0
8 Q MARKETING GROUP Not Currently Licensed 0 1
9 Q R CONTRACTING INC Not Currently Licensed 0 0
10 Q R P CONSTRUCTION INC H09010900 Licensed 0 0

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The number of complaints shown are for a 7 year period.Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs only licenses Home Improvement Contractors doing residential Home Improvement work in Nassau County. The information returned does not include Taxi and/or Limousine company Registrations or Plumber or Electrician licensing information. Information regarding Taxi and Limousine company registrations can be obtained by calling the Office of Consumer Affairs at (516) 571-2600. Information displayed is accurate as of the Previous business day. Plumbers and Electricians are licensed by the individual townships. Call your town for licensing information.