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The Nassau County Executive, elected countywide to a four-year term, is the chief administrator of county government, responsible for law enforcement, planning, consumer protection, roads, parks and recreation facilities, all other services provided by the county, and preparation of the county budget. With the approval of the Nassau County Legislature, he appoints commissioners and directors of departments and agencies. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the county and also for planning prudently for its future.

The function of the Nassau County District Attorney's Office is to investigate violations of various state and local criminal statutes which occur within its jurisdiction and, where appropriate, to prosecute such offenses. The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes more than 30,000 criminal cases each year.

The Nassau County Comptroller serves as the county's fiscal watchdog. As such, the Comptroller monitors the county's budget and financial operations, reviews claims and contracts, and audits county agencies and contractors. Also the Comptroller participates in the preparation of the county's financial report. The county payroll and employee health benefits functions are also located in the Comptroller's office.

The Nassau County Clerk services the residents of Nassau County in three general areas: real estate, legal, and licensing. The Clerk maintains a record of real estate transactions and makes them available to the public and the title industry, serves as the Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, and accepts filings for several federal, state and county licenses and certificates.

The Nassau County Legislature forms policies and creates laws affecting each citizen of Nassau County. The Nassau County Legislature website contains information about Nassau County legislators, an interactive map, committee assignments, meeting agendas, and more.