New York State Licensed Housing Facilities

The New York State Department of Health licenses, supervises, and provides certification to assisted living, adult home, and enriched housing facilities. Call for information, questions relating to licensure, or to register a complaint.

New York State Department of Health

Division of Home and Community Based Care  
320 Carleton Avenue, Suite 5000  
Central Islip, NY  11722  
New York State Adult Home Complaint Hot Line 1-631-851-3080 Ext. 6


A licensed ALP provides nursing home-eligible residents of Adult Homes or Enriched Housing with home health care in addition to services routinely provided by the facility.


Adult homes provide housing and 24-hour supervision to five or more adults of any age. The facilities offer private or shared rooms, meals, housekeeping, laundry/linen service, transportation, social activities, and some personal care.


Enriched Housing provides senior residents of an apartment building with a package of services that includes meals, housekeeping, homemaking/chores, shopping, transportation, social activities, and some personal care assistance. Enriched Housing programs may provide services for all residents or only for a limited number of residents in the building. (In the latter case, the building is not licensed but the Enriched Housing Program operating in it is licensed and regulated by the New York State Health Department.)