Who We Are

YAPP provides teens, ages 14-19, with the opportunity to meet other students and youth from across Nassau County in order to share their views on the many issues that effect young people.

YAPP is free of charge to all participants.

What We Do

It is said that knowledge is power. YAPPers gain knowledge in an experiential way. What does that mean….?

Experiential learning means learning from experience - “hands on” or learning by doing. The learning process takes place in a non-traditional setting. No, we don’t sit down at desks, read from books, and have teachers lecture from the front of the room. As a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite. Youth provide the ideas; and staff members provide training and support. 


The combination of leadership training and community service YAPP volunteers experience is what many employers and colleges are looking for; but most importantly, youth experience the success of being able to make a difference in their lives and in their communities. Youth are trained to FACILITATE, PLAN TRAININGS, to serve as LEADERS and ROLE MODELS, as well as MEDIATORS… in addition to planning and facilitating trainings and community service learning activity committees.

Diversity, Leadership, Sexuality & Relationships, Peer Pressure

“YAPP taught me that there is more than one way of looking at a situation! Sometimes you have to look at things in a few different ways to get an answer.”

-former YAPPer

“In my experience as a YAPPer, I have gained new knowledge in leadership, communication, time management, and other various skills. Training has allowed me to interact with my peers, and discuss various issues that affect other young adults around the world.”

-former YAPPer

For Further Information, please contact: Christina Aristilde (516) 227-7109 or email: Christina.Aristilde@hhsnassaucountyny.us

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Training sessions take place in a group setting and help develop communication, interaction skills, and access to many resources that are available within the community. Most importantly, YAPP trainings develop an awareness of issues that affect young people across Nassau County.

Past trainings have included topics such as: leadership, appreciating diversity, sexuality, and the list goes on. Each year, training changes based upon the input of the previous year’s participants. Once youth are accepted into YAPP, it becomes their program!

Second and third year members are responsible for evaluating, designing, and implementing YAPP. In addition, members also serve on a committee that designs and implements training for schools and community agencies. Caucus members volunteer in their schools and in community-based organizations. Through the combination of leadership training and community service, YAPP volunteers’ experience is what many employers and colleges are looking for.

What is Community Service Learning?