2010 State of the County Address

State of the County Address

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano delivered his first State of the County address tonight, highlighting the dismal state of financial affairs in the County and the various plans he has already implemented to take the County in a new direction.

The Mangano Plan resounded throughout his remarks: A plan to fix the costly, broken property tax assessment system; Repealing the burdensome home energy tax imposed last year; Downsizing government and eliminating millions in wasteful spending; Creating jobs and opportunities in Nassau.

"Our overburdened taxpayers are demanding strict controls on government spending and smaller government," Mangano said. "I intend to deliver just that." 

Mangano's plans to bring the County back from financial ruin include an emergency Property Tax Stabilization program for the broken assessment system; cutting government staffing by $22 million; a County Taxpayer Savings Initiative; a national campaign to create Green jobs in Nassau.

Mangano said the prior administration was guilty of "governmental malpractice" in allowing "taxpayer abuse" to continue. He said he discovered, to his surprise, that the former county executive's spending plan called for $120 million in new property tax increases. 

"I know that you can't afford those tax increases," he told the crowd gathered at the new Homeland Security building in Bethpage, Mangano's hometown.

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