Links & More Info.

Additional Information is available at the following sources:

Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS)

Child Protective Services

Circulo de la Hispanidad, Inc

Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect

Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Family and Children’s Association

FEGS Health and Human Services

Hispanic Counseling Center

Islamic Center of Long Island – Domestic Harmony

Nassau County Bar Association

Nassau County Department of Health

Nassau County Department of Senior Citizens

Nassau County Department of Mental Health

Nassau County Department of Social Services

Nassau County District Attorney’s Office

Nassau County Office of Minority Affairs

Nassau County Police Department

Nassau County Probation Department

Nassau County Youth Board

Nassau University Medical Center

North Shore LIJ Health Systems

Parents for Megan’s Law

SEPA Mujer - (516) 489-1483

Uniondale UECC Childcare