Anti-Bias Crime Task Force

Mission Statement: Intolerance and prejudice against persons because of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, or disability tears at the fabric of our communities. Acts of violence based on such bias further alienates individuals, groups, and serve to rob us of the crucial sense of security we all require in order to live, work, and play or pray in our communities. In consideration of the destructive effects of prejudice and racism in our communities, and in order to address this ongoing problem, the Nassau County Anti-Bias Crime Force was born.

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Task Force Members:

Francis X. Becker, Legislator
 Nassau County Legislature

Zahid Syed, Commissioner
Nassau County Human Rights

Deputy Directors:

Margalie Rodriguez

Daniel Russell

Cathy Dapolito

Helen Chen

Sheryar A. Choudhry

Anthony Patino

Committee Chairs:

Communications Committee: Sheryar A. Choudhry

Events Committee:
Legislator Francis X. Becker

Zahid Syed

Membership Committee:
Margalie Rodriguez

Youth & Education Committee:
Cathy Dapolito

Lead Agency

Nassau County Commission on Human Rights
Full list of Members